Ćmielów Design Studio has been operating since 2013 in Ćmielów porcelain factory, where the industrial and production tools allow designers to create a wide range of ceramic products, which can be divided into three overlapping groups.

The first group is designed for the mechanical molding of pieces for mass production in the factory. These are mainly table settings, household objects, and accessories. Decor plays the main role here, the forms may well recur, but the decorations distinguish them. A well-designed decoration makes all the difference and changes the piece aesthetically.

Designing in a factory with great product resources provides limitless interpretive possibilities in creating new collections from the existing catalogue.
The second group is made up of decorative household designs in the Giftware category; it includes small porcelain items, table accessories, vases and figurines. These forms are cre-ated by Modus Design and produced by the Ćmielów factory in mid-sized editions. This group also contains works by other designers collaborating with ĆDS.

The third group is our most creative product, designed and manufactured by ourselves.

We create innovative pieces at the Ćmielów studio, which bear traces of their handwork and are produced in limited series. These are pieces in colored porcelain, small tea sets, one-of-a-kind table accessories and colorful decorative/household items. Here product development comes from experimenting with materials and ceramic processes, with the aim of creating original products that are handcrafted and unique.
“Hand Touch”

These pieces best reflect a unique artisanry in industrial design.

On the whole, the motto of our work is DESIGN BACKED WITH TRADITION, a new phase of collaboration between design and industry.

Our ambition is to create contemporary Polish porcelain, still refined and accessible in the twenty-first century.

Marek Cecuła