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We offer products signed with the Ćmielów Design Studio contemporary Polish porcelain label. Our products are hand-made at Poland’s oldest factory, in Ćmielów, which has been producing its designs continuously since 1790 and is a respected producer of highest quality porcelain. Ćmielów porcelain is part of Poland’s national heritage, and Ćmielów Design Studio is continuing this tradition and work in a contemporary form. These products by celebrated designer Marek Cecuła and Modus Design are exhibited at design shows and are found in museum collections in Poland and abroad. We have many years of international experience, operating since 1976, first in New York, and since 2000 in Poland. We have worked with the world-famous Museum of Modern Art in New York shop, Heal's of London, and art galleries at home and abroad. The porcelain we use is fired at 1,380° C, and every piece is the work of at least eight people, including technicians, craftspeople, modellers, decorative painters, and designers.

We can provide discounts for larger or more costly orders to keep our price competitive. Questions on the quantity or value of an order are considered on an individual basis. Our team can help meet your specific needs and expectations.


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