Qubus II

Product description

Flying in the face of the rounded and streamlined shapes of industrial porcelain, the Geometry series is a group of unconventional decorative objects with limited practical applications. With no formal symmetry, based on a vertical construction divided by strong patches of color, they lightly refer to Constructivism and Mondrian’s Neo-plasticism. The Geometry collection sets are interactive design – they encourage users to play with form and color. When you move certain pieces, the visual layout changes and a new three-dimensional image is created. White glazed porcelain, ceramic decal

Tea pot – 360 ml + 2 cups – 100 ml + Creamer – 100 ml

Art object of limited utility use

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Ćmielów Design Studio
projekt: Marek Cecuła, 2017
barwiona porcelana
foto. O. Grabiwoda